• Growth does not take place uniformly at all times. This period when a sudden acceleration of growth occurs and this sudden increase in growth is termed Growth Spurts’. 

  • Timings of growth spurts differs in boys and girls

  • The following are the timings of growth spurts:

  1. Just Before Birth

  2. One Year After Birth

  3. Mixed Dentition Growth Spurt

         Boys 8 – 11 years

         Girls 7 – 9 years

4. Pre – Pubertal Growth Spurt

        Boys 14 – 16 years

        Girls 11 – 13 years

  • Growth modification by means of functional and orthodontic appliances elicit better response during growth spurts

  • Orthodontic treatment must be done earlier in girls as their growth spurt is early

  • The earlier the onset of puberty, the smaller is adult

  • Girls mature earlier but also finish their growth sooner and that leads to the difference in adult size of men and women

  • Arch expansion can be done during growth spurts

  • Class III tendency with mandibular prognathism should be treated before pre-pubertal

  • Class II, III malocclusion should be treated during growth spurt

  • If jaw growth has to be accelerated it has to be done before adolescent growth spurt in girls

  • Surgical correction involving maxilla and mandible should be carried out only after cessation of growth spurts