Jackson’s triad

Jackson’s Triad

The aims and the objectives of orthodontics have been summarized by Jackson as Jackson’s triad.

The three main objectives of orthodontic treatment are:

  1. Functional efficiency
  2. Structural balance
  3. Esthetic harmony

Functional efficiency:

  • Many malocclusion affect normal functioning of the stomatognathic system
  • Thus, the orthodontic treatment aim at improving the functioning of oro-facial apparatus

Structural balance:

  • Oro-facial region consists of the dentoalveolar systems, the skeletal tissue and the soft tissue including musculature
  • To achieve the stable orthodontic treatment balance should be maintained between these three tissue system.

Esthetic harmony:

  • The most common reason for seeking the orthodontic care is to improve the appearance of teeth and face
  • Many malocclusions associated with unsightly appearance of teeth and can thus affect the individual’s self image, well-being and success in society
  • Thus, orthodontic treatment plays a very important role in improving the esthetics of the individual.