1. The term orthodontics is coined by Le Foulon

2. The pioneer in the treatment of cleft palate and related problems Norman Kingsley

3. The first orthodontic appliance devised by Angle is E-arch

4. The founder of functional regulator is Frankel

5. Straightwire appliance (preadjusted appliance) developed by Andrews

6. The first book on orthodontics is written by Farrar

7. Tooth movement by using thumb finger is discovered by Celsus

8. Non extraction should be followed for all cases was said by Angle

9. Direct bonding of orthodontic brackets introduced by Neumann

10. The concept of lingual orthodontic appliance introduced by Kurz

11. The orthodontics which is mostly related to mixed dentition period is Interceptive orthodontics

12. The father of modern orthodontics is Edward H angle

13. Cephalostat is developed by Broadbent

14. The six keys to normal occlusion given by Andrews

15. The first orthodontic appliance developed by Pierre Fauchard

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